Network maximum transmission unit (MTU) for your EC2

How to Set and Change MTU in Windows 7 or Vista « My Oct 21, 2010 Resize MTU in Windows – Zyxel Support Campus EMEA If necessary, you can reduce the MTU value (by default, Windows is set to MTU = 1500 bytes) or increase it for passing large Jumbo Frame Ethernet frames (usually, from 1500 to 9000 bytes). Option 1 Download the special free utility SG TCP Optimizer, which is designed for …

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The default by the way is 1500, unless you are using an installed PPPoE connection which is then 1492. The results of "C:\>ping -f -l 1372 (THIS IMPLIES THAT THE MTU IS 1400)" actually does not imply what the MTU is set to, but rather what it needs to be set to. How can I change the MTU value in Windows registry Aug 14, 2012

In Windows 95, the default MTU was 1500 octets (eight-bitbytes), partly because this is the Ethernet standard MTU. TheInternet de facto standard MTU is 576, but ISPs often suggest using1500. If you frequently access Web sites that encounter routerswith an MTU size of 576, you may want to change to that size.(Apparently some users find that

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