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fortigate how-to fortinet cli webgui FortiOS 5 troubleshooting fortianalyzer FortiOS 5.2 fortiauthenticator fortimanager logging fortimail 5.0.5 Q&A application control reporting 5.2 UTM config linux script ssl vpn two factor authentication web filter HA certification debug dlp forticache fortivoice ldap license policy radius route sms smtp ssl Technical Note: Phase 1 negotiation failure when VPN is When the FortiGate is configured to terminate IPsec VPN tunnel on a secondary IP, the local-gw must be configured in the IKE phase 1. Otherwise it will result in a phase 1 negotiation failure. Debug IKE (level -1) will report “no SA proposal chosen” even if all the proposals are properly configured : Fortinet Knowledge Base - View Document An IPSec VPN creates an encrypted security association (SA) between two peers. This is done in two phases. By default, the phase 2 SA is not negotiated until a peer attempts to send data. When enabled, auto-negotiate initiates the phase 2 SA negotiation automatically, repeating every five seconds until the SA is established. IPSecVPN Flush and reset the Tunnels | IT Security - Multi Flush IPSec VPN Tunnels. Every once in a while you may experience some issues with certain IPSec VPN tunnels. For this reason it might be useful to know how to clear SA sessions that are stuck. Flush Tunnel. To flush a tunnel use the following command: # diag vpn tunnel flush . It is very important to specify the phase1 name, if you forget to specify this the Fortigate will flush ALL tunnels.

diagnose vpn ike gateway clear Other potential VPN issues Ensure that your FortiGate unit is in NAT mode, rather than Transparent. Check your NAT settings, enabling NAT traversal in the Phase 1 configuration while disabling NAT in the security policy.

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May 14, 2014 Fortigate Archives - SysAdmin Tips - SysAdmin Tips Sometimes there were some issues with IPSec VPN tunnels on fortigate. Here some commands to clear the SA Sessions. List the Tunnel VPN: diagnose vpn tunnel list | grep name. Choose the name that you want to reset. diag vpn tunnel flush *Tunnel_NAME* diag vpn tunnel reset *Tunnel_NAME* If this not works clear the sessions on firewall: Fortigate VLAN, VXLAN, VPN, oh my! – Vodka RedBull Please