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How to Lock and Track A Lost or Stolen iPhone Find my iPhone is one the powerful programs that can help you locate and remotely lock your lost or stolen iPhone from anywhere. " Find my iPhone " includes a mode called "Lost Mode" which at its best helps you to set a Passcode on your lost device thereby locking it right away. So long as the Passcode is not entered the device cannot be unlocked. How to Remotely Lock Your Apple Watch, iPhone, Mac & iPad Jun 04, 2019 How to turn off an iPhone remotely - Quora

If you change the passcode and she doesnt know it she can't use the iPhone. You can't remotely lock it and even if you could you would leave her no way to use the iPhone. Better off settings up restrictions with a different passcode to control what she can do.

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Jun 04, 2017 · The Friday Lock connects to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth, and you can use the Friday Lock app to lock or unlock your door’s deadbolt without a key. You can use the app to grant access to your door to others — by setting them up as a regular user and then revoking their access once you don’t want them to have it anymore.

How to Remotely Lock Your iPad or iPad Mini - dummies Reenter the four-digit passcode. Find My iPhone asks you to enter an optional phone number where you can be reached. Type your phone number, and then select Next. Find My iPhone prompts you to type a message that will appear on the tablet, along with the phone number. Type the message, and then tap or click Done. Find My iPhone remotely locks