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Feb 18, 2017 05 The Samba Web Administration Tool - YouTube Nov 24, 2014 networking - Where is the Samba configuration GUI in I know this is a bit older but if anyone is interested in getting system-samba-config gui to work, then I wrote a script which does so. You can find it on github here. The main issue was that system-samba-config was using gksu. my setup script creates a wrapper script then adds an exception to policykit so that the gui will launch. finally, it updates the *.desktop shortcut so that it launches Ubuntu Manpage: swat - Samba Web Administration Tool

Samba Standalone Server Installation on Debian 9 (Stretch)

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Nov 24, 2014 · How to configure samba server in centos 7 , redhat 7 (public and private share) - Duration: 25:08. Android and Tech Solutions 28,895 views

Sep 09, 2019 · 2. Using GUI. To access Samba share via GUI, open Linux File Manager. Click on Connect to Server on the left pane of the File Manager window. In a Connect to Server window, enter the Samba server address in the following syntax and click Connect. smb:// [IP_address or Host_name]/[share_name] The following screen will appear. If you want to share files between your Debian and Windows computers, your best option is to use Samba file sharing. Samba is a free software re-implementation of SMB/CIFS networking protocol, originally developed by Australian Andrew Tridgell. Feb 27, 2019 · Once you enter the password you will be logged into the Samba command line interface. Try "help" to get a list of possible commands. smb: \> Mounting the Samba share # To mount a Samba share on Linux first you need to install the cifs-utils package. On Ubuntu and Debian run: sudo apt install cifs-utils. On CentOS and Fedora run: sudo yum GUI for managing samba shares and users 7 20 reviews . Install. System-config-samba is a graphical user interface for creating, modifying, and deleting samba shares 5 Accessing Samba from Windows. Now you can access the samba shares from your Windows Desktop. Open the command prompt and enter "\\debian" to open a file explorer: That shows the shares of our samba server. 6 Virtual Machine Image Download of this Tutorial Samba is a free software re-implementation of the SMB networking protocol, and was originally developed by Andrew Tridgell.Samba provides file and print services for various Microsoft Windows clients and can integrate with a Microsoft Windows Server domain, either as a Domain Controller (DC) or as a domain member.